I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel…


While you all may be picturing me rocking some leather pants, and re-piercing my lip…let me stop you right there.  I’m talking about being a writing rebel.  Wow…that sounded a lot lamer outside of my head.

So here is what I am talking about: NaNoWriMo is all about writing 50,000 words of a new work of fiction during the month of November.  They are super cautious about calling people “cheaters,” and they say if you chose to decide to start your novel before November, than you are simply a “rebel.” The catch is that you still have to write 50,000 new words during November, but it may be harder on you, because you are already so attached to your characters and plot.  To be perfectly honest, patience is not really a virtue that I possess…I will literally buy a book on my kindle for $12, than wait the four to five days that it would take a $5 used copy to arrive at my house.  You see? It’s a sickness, and it really shouldn’t be held against me…

As you all may know, I have been writing a novel for quite some time.  I planned to put what I have aside and to use it during editing, and just start over during November.  Then I started thinking…50,000 is not really a full-length book…at least not for my genre.  I need about 80,000 words (probably more) at the start of editing, in order to have a finished product that is somewhat viable.  I also have more time right now than I have had in a loonnnggg time.  So here is my rebellious plan: I am going to write 30,000 words before November, and get my last 50,000 during NaNo.  Is it ideal?  No.  Do I wish I wasn’t stretching the rules on my very first NaNo? Yes.  It really can’t be helped though.  I have these characters taking over my head, and there is no room for any more.

So that’s my plan.

I haven’t exactly decided how I am going to go about talking about the novel on here…whether or not I am going to actually post it as I go along, or just send it to people who volunteer to critique it.  Feel free to let me know if you have a vote either way.  Here is a randomly chosen excerpt in the meantime!

“You have got to be joking.”  I hold up the lace-edged, denim shorts that Carla just thrust into my hands.  “These won’t even completely cover my butt!”
“As if they’re supposed to.” Mia snorts and starts inspecting similar pair in red.
“Are you guys trying to scare her?” Nolan yanks the shorts out of my hands and waves them in Carla’s face.  “I thought we agreed on easing her into this! She is like a wild, baby, animal, and any big, sudden movements will have her scampering back off to the mathlete section of The Gap.”
“I am not a mathlete!” I say, rolling my eyes.  “You make it sound like I look like the most boring person in the world. I wear normal clothing, you guys!  Have you ever considered that maybe you are all a little too colorful?”  I cross my arms, and eye them expectantly.
“Look at her sassing us.” Nolan says, narrowing his eyes at me.  “I’ve changed my mind. She’s ready for these shorts.”  He shoves the offending piece of clothing back in my hands, and propels me toward the dressing room.
“You know what? I don’t think I’m ready for the shorts.  Let’s go back to that baby steps idea.” I try to back peddle, but there’s no stopping him now.  He yanks aside the pink, velvet curtain on a dressing room stall and unceremoniously dumps me inside.  He sternly points his finger at me, and simply says, “Change.”  The curtain falls, and I am alone with a stupid pair of shorts and all my insecurities.

xx S

2 thoughts on “I’m a Loner Dottie, a Rebel…

  1. “The curtain falls, and I am alone with a stupid pair of shorts and all my insecurities.” I love this line! Keep at it! 🙂

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