For everyone that is still talking to me….

Do you see how sorry this cat is?

So I am pathetic-looking-sorry-cat sorry.  I promised you new and exciting blog posts every day, and I haven’t sent a single word out into the internet in over a week…

I have a fairly good excuse, though!

I am currently in the midst of applying to grad school (for next August), and I had my very first interview last Friday in Arkansas.  Although my interview was only on Friday, I had a minor breakdown in the days leading up to it, and spent every waking minute studying and preparing for every possible question.  As a result, I feel like I accidentally memorized a bunch of standard answers, and may have sounded like a robot during my interview.  Which they may be into…but I’m not sure… Unfortunately, they rarely say “You just nailed that question!” during these things.  So I am back to the waiting game.  I actually have another interview in NYC next Monday, but I promise not to go all MIA again.

Sooo….I had a bunch of super grand plans for the month of October.  I was going to edit my current 20,000 words, and add at LEAST 10,000 more before November 1st and the beginning of NaNoWriMo.  Unfortunately, life just kinda punched me in the face, and I’ve done about -10% of my plans.


I’ve actually added more work since I’ve started.  I was on the fence about past-tense and present-tense, and just decided to be wild and crazy and write in present tense.  After converting about 30 pages, I started talking to myself.  Are you out of your mind?  You can’t write in present tense!  This isn’t the freakin Hunger Games, and readers don’t really require instantaneous action to read about summer camp.  Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.  Then I would make myself sad, have to devote time to a pity party, and then I would put it off again, because now there is more work to do…


Just wishing my novel could spring fully-formed out of my forehead…kinda like Athena, but with less wisdom and more awkward social situations.

Well, that’s enough of the whining.  I have the rest of the day, and I plan to at least convert those initial 30 pages back to past-tense.  I am then going to submit those same 30 pages to this really awesome editing website that I found (  They are basically writing professionals, in terms of grammar/proofing, character development, plot progression, and all types of critiquing.  Even though I am not even finished, I would really like to get a stranger’s opinion.  Apparently, if your writing is just abysmal, they won’t even charge you.  They just basically tell you not to quit your day job.  I don’t know why it is so important to me to get some sort of validation.  To have someone in a position of knowledge and experience tell me that I am not wasting my time.

It is what it is, though.

Time to get back to work!  I have a few new and awesome ideas, and a new Hello Kitty USB flash drive to store all my work on.  Whenever I am feeling sorry for myself, I will simply look at this…

…and feel like a writing badass.

xx S

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