Why does Hurricane Sandy not want me to go to PA School?

So my NYC trip is…full of surprises!

I knew there was some kind of storm happening sometime this week, but I didn’t really concern myself with it.  I mean, I’m a Carolina girl, and I’ve been wading in waist-high water to higher ground since I was eight.  With that said, it’s a whole other ballgame when you ride out a storm in a big city with complicated power grids and millions of potential looters.

These are the things that I am concerned with.  Losing power, and someone stealing my suitcase of ruffled dresses.

I was supposed to have my interview at NYIT today, but they ended up canceling that Saturday.  I was really irritated at the time, but then when all public transportation shut down yesterday by 7pm…it kinda hit me.  We are definitely going to have a hurricane.  Then my flight on Tuesday was canceled, and I am hoping my new flight on Thursday will actually stick.


On the plus side, I got to hang out with my awesome cousin, and I ate what was probably the best pork sandwich of my life.  I am not even a crazy meat person…but this sandwich….

Here is their website and recipe: Pork is yummy

This kinda rocked my world a bit.

With that said, it looks like I have two days where I will be stuck inside, and I would like to think that I can get some serious writing in! NaNoWriMo begins in 3 days (where has this month gone?) and I really want to go in prepared.  I was talking to my lovely writing partner, Brittany, and explaining the ins and outs of the challenge, and I just get pumped talking about it! Brittany and I are a great fit for bouncing ideas off each other and encouraging each other on…but we are so passive and understanding, that deadlines will just fly by us without us realizing.  We need a hard deadline like NaNoWriMo, where you know that if you don’t finish by November 30th…well, you lose.  Lose.  Before, nothing happened if I didn’t turn in my designated word count on our Tuesday exchanges…we would just say “Oh well! We’ll try again next week!” I’m hoping the actual failure component of this challenge will activate super-obnoxious-competitive-Serena.  She’s super hard to play games with, but she gets results.

So fingers crossed for not losing power, getting some writing in, and getting to Ladurée for some freakin macarons…

xx S

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