Ummm…has it really been 4 years?



I should probably be a little embarrassed that it has literally been years since my last blog post. I’m even MORE embarrassed that I still haven’t finished the same bloody novel I started on last time I was updating this regularly. I am like a one women show on how you should absolutely not write a novel. Luckily, NaNoWriMo comes around every year like clockwork, to simultaneously shame and inspire me, and I am once again jumping on this bandwagon.

So let’s see…since I was last writing this blog, I went through PA school, which is basically a 24-month punch in the face. Then, I went through a one year surgical residency, which was essentially 90-hour weeks for 13 months, at which you no longer recognize yourself at the end. Now I am finally on the other side of it (as of one month ago) and trying to remember the things I used to do for fun or for a creative outlet. I started taking French again, which is just about useless to me, but fills my life with beauty and whimsy. I started dancing again, and take a class called “Beyonce and Beyond” each week, where for about an hour I feel like a coordinated and sweaty diva. And now this… this dream/desire/obsession where I literally daydream about finishing this novel (any novel), but lack the dedication or discipline to follow through.

So what to do? I am going to participate in NaNo next month, but am torn between trying to hammer out the rest of the novel I started on so many years ago (which I love, but already have a lot of baggage with). Or start on something fresh. I have another novel that I sort of halfheartedly started on about 5 years ago, but never really went anywhere. I have a premise that I like, and it also it set in New England in the fall. I could step outside and smell the air, describe the leaves on the trees and coat myself in pumpkin spice! I could write it as I live it! On the other hand, I worry that this novel that’s about 30% alive will never see resolution.

I have a day to decide, and am going to bake some cupcakes, hug my cat, and try and find my voice again.

In the meantime, for fun:



xxx S



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