I am 27-years-old, and I live in a sleepy, little town in North Carolina. I have always been a ferocious reader, and loved escaping into other worlds and realities. In the past I’d played with the idea of maybe writing a novel, but it was just easier to read the works of others. A few years ago, my sister sat down and seriously started a novel. She finished, and then she wrote three more. Seeing someone close to me actually accomplish this is what really made me start to take the idea seriously. I started….and then ran out of steam. I started again….and then got distracted with life and school. I recently started…and then realized I was writing for a genre that I had no interest in writing for. I scrapped the whole project, and spent some time sulking.

Then I took my Moleskine in a bubble bath, and something happened. I was writing down things I liked in a novel, and one thing led to another, and all of a sudden I have an idea for a novel. A bright, shining, diamond of an idea… All of a sudden I had a setting, a protagonist, a posse of secondary characters, a love interest, and just pages of backstory and character bios. I am SO ready.

Watch me rock this out.

xx S

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